Documentary Launch:Atewa Forest-Living Water From the Mountain

Documentary Launch:Atewa Forest-Living Water From the Mountain

Atewa is currently faced with many challenges including pressure from mining which pollutes water bodies, unsustainable exploitation, illegal chainsaw logging, bushmeat hunting and farm encroachment. This poses serious risks to the ecological integrity of the forest, health and livelihood of local communities particularly access to clean water, food and medicine. It also has further potentials of negatively influencing sectors of development such as agriculture, industries and the economy as a whole.

As part of efforts to curb the dwindling water and forest resources in Ghana and more specifically to secure the water and ecological integrity of Atewa, A Rocha Ghana in collaboration with the Netherlands Embassy  is launching  a documentary on Atewa. This would bring together all relevant stakeholders as well as create the platform to enhance education on the plight of Atewa. This is part of a number of planned programmes and engagement with stakeholders and decision makers aimed at forging actions and measures that will sustain the ecosystem functions of Atewa for now and in the future.

Date: Dec 17, 2015

Venue: Coconut Grove Regency Hotel

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