A Rocha Holds Atewa Environmental Concert For Students

In fulfillment of the biblical principle that teaches that “we train the child the way he should go and when he grows he will not depart from it”. It is against this background that A Rocha has organized an environmental concert with students from the Junior and Senior High schools to educate them on the need to protect their forest and water bodies from illegal activities. Through this event, A Rocha seeks to raise champions of change in our society by stimulating behavioral change and instilling the good values of water conservation among the students.


The Atewa forest is an important water tower where three important rivers (Birim, Densu and Ayensu) take their sources. However, the provision of clean and reliable water and a range of other ecological services by Atewa forest are threatened by illegal logging, illegal artisanal gold mining, land clearance for farming and illegal hunting. Another major threat is posed by incentives for large-scale industrial bauxite mining in the reserve.  

The event would also highlight the significance of the Atewa forest reserve in terms of its water provisioning services and also the myriad threats that it is faced with. The concert which was held at Kwabeng SHS in the Atiwa District in the Eastern region brought together a representation of all stakeholders including; chiefs, district chief executive and other political leaders and students from the various schools. Five SHS were selected from all the five districts bordering the forest to converge at Kwabeng SHS for the event celebration.


Among the activities outlined are drama performances to highlight the importance of Atewa forests particularly its water provisioning services and the challenges facing the Atewa forest. There were also Poetry recitals and song ministrations by Kwabeng SHS and KISHST SHS school choirs.

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