Atewa Interfaith Workshop

As part of actions to curb illegal activities going on in the Atewa forest, A Rocha Ghana has organized an interfaith workshop for communities in the Atewa District.

The workshop brought together Christian and Muslim leaders on one platform to collectively discuss how religious leaders can work together towards responsive environmental stewardship and creation care in their districts.

The workshop enlightened participants that, regardless of their religious affiliations, they had some of their underpinning doctrines linked to nature and its preservation.

They were also educated on the need to inculcate in their followers, the importance of preserving their environment. They were also to encourage their followers to desist from activities that destroy a large portion of the Atewa forest which is under persistent threat from illegal logging, small scale and illegal mining.

The Atewa Eco-network which consists of a 9 member committee was formed comprising of both Christians and Muslims who pledged their support to activities in the interest of the Atewa forest and the environment.

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