Atewa Summit at a Glance


The purpose of this two-day international Summit on the theme “ATIWA FOREST, A HERITAGE AT A CROSS ROAD, WHAT FUTURE?” is to rally together policy makers, sector ministers and departments, scientists, communities members, faith-based institutions, media agencies and civil society groups and all relevant stakeholders to come out with a resolution that would foster the protection of Atiwa’s water and biodiversity resources as well as petition the government to make Atiwa a National Park.

The platform will also be used to create awareness on threats facing Atiwa, development of workable conservation strategy and assess potential impacts of destruction to water bodies and wildlife due to mining.


Experienced scientist, practitioners and professionals, politicians and decision makers will dialogue on the following issues:

•        Forest Management and Challenges in Ghana; Atiwa being the larger picture of   sustainable forest management

•        Current State of water in Ghana, Why Atiwa is critical?

•        Mining in relation to Atiwa, benefits and pitfalls

•        Climate Change and REDD, what linkages and opportunities

•        The Case of Atiwa in Crisis

These presentations will be further discussed and key issues agreed on in plenary sessions.


It is envisaged that the major outcomes of this conference would be:

  • The development of a strategic proposal to the appropriate arms of government for long-term conservation of Atiwa Forest, which will secure water supply for millions of Ghanaians.
  • A resolution to petition the government to better protect the Atiwa forest
  • Public awareness raised and all relevant stakeholders rallying for the protection of the Atiwa
  • A workable conservation strategy developed and implemented by local communities for protection of the Atiwa forest and its resources most especially the water
  • The government designating Atiwa  as a National Park


  • Summit conference resolution and at least 5000 signed petitions within three months after the conference to government to protect the Atiwa forest and its water bodies.
  • Continue  lobbying of policy makers (MPs, Ministers of Environment, Lands Forestry and Mines, Water Resources Commission,etc) and all relevant stakeholders  through meetings to persuade government to make Atiwa a National Park’
  • Support Communities  within four months after the conference to develop a workable conservation strategy that can be implemented at the local level with minimum support
  • Continue the campaign through media reportage to get Atiwa gazette as a National Park.
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