Biological Significance

Clean water for millions of Ghanaians

Atewa Forest Range contains the headwaters of three river systems: the Ayensu, Densu and Birim rivers. These rivers are the most important sources of domestic, agricultural and industrial water for local communities as well as for many of Ghana’s major population centers, including Accra.
Five million Ghanaians depend on these water sources and the critical watershed services provided by the plateau formations that soak up rain and mist and then hold, clean and discharge the water for all to utilize.

The prevention of landslides

The forest cover is important for erosion control, particularly on the slopes.

Clean air and good human health

The forest is important for the maintenance of good air quality and its influence on the climate of the surrounding areas. It serves as a sink for air-borne pollutants, including industrial emissions of sulphur compounds.

Carbon sequestration services

Atewa serves as a terrestrial carbon sink due to the storage of huge amounts of carbon in trees, plant biomass and forest soils.


An estimated one-third of all commercially produced food is the result of insect pollination. The forest therefore provides pollination and bio-control services to local agriculture. 

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