Districts Involved

The Atewa Globally Significant Biodiversity Area covers 258,974 ha and is comprised of:

  • Atewa Range Forest Reserve (232,662ha)
  • Atewa Range Extension Reserve (26,312ha)

These two forest reserves form a contiguous block between latitudes 0°58’ to 6° 20’ North 541’ and longitudes °31’ to 0°  West and fall under Begoro and Kade Forest Districts.

Throughout this website the combined reserves of Atiwa Forest and Atiwa Extension are referred to as Atiwa Forest Reserve, or just Atiwa.

Political Administration

Politically, Atiwa Forest Reserve falls under five districts: the districts, their capital towns and land size are summarised below:


District Capital

Land Size

Atiwa District


1,112 km²

Ayensuano District



East Akyem District


750 km²

West Akyem District


1,018 km²

Kwaebibirem District


12.3 km²


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