Project Overall Goal

Achieve long term protection and sustainable management of Atewa Forest as a public good for securing livelihoods and water management, mitigating climate change impacts and conserving global biodiversity.

Specific objectives

1.   Improve the knowledge base, i.e. through economic valuation of ecosystem services, for informed decision making on the protection and management of the Atewa Forest and the watersheds it feeds.

2.   Address the immediate threats to the integrity of the Atewa Forest Reserve and its consequences for the water basins it feeds, particularly by mining activities and illegal logging.

3.   Strengthen the position and role of local communities in the decision making processes and management of Atewa Forest and its environs, and support direct livelihood improvement for communities.

4.   Contribute to a supporting, enabling policy   environment and institutional capacity for transforming Atewa Forest Reserve into a National Park and propose sustainable finance mechanisms for the Park and its environs.

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